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  • It will be a great purchase or excellent gift for your friends.
  • All buckles by Dwarfus are double-sided.
  • After casting we processed each buckle manually, patinated and polished.
  • The buckle is made from strong brass.
  • The belt is very durable, it will serve you for a long time.
  • For the belts we use 100% natural leather of the best quality.
  • Its a great accessory for both men and women, regardless of age.
  • 100% made in Ukraine, to make Your style unique.
  • "Metal comes alive...with Dwarfus brass products"

Brass buckle & leather belt "Iron Eagle"

SKU: 0070
choose belt color (black/ brown/white)
  • Buckle "Iron Eagle"  will be a great reminder to appreciate nature for those people who respectful and attentive to the surrounding world espesially to endangered species.

    With its acute eyesight, the eagle has come to embody an all-seeing EYE and it can be linked to all sky symbols. It signifies inspiration,  victory, longevity, speed, pride and royalty.